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Importance of GOOD Photography for your website

Importance of GOOD Photography for your website

The Importance of GOOD Photography For Your Website

Is the photography on your website good enough? Most website owners have a tendency to say “yes” to this question but the truth is, the photography on most websites is sub-standard. Whether this lacklustre appearance is the result of staged photo shoots or just poor quality in general, the outcome is most often the very same – an uninspiring webpage and many disinterested readers.

But why exactly is good photography so important and what can you do about it? Let’s take a quick look at the importance of visual content and what you can do to make sure the images on your website are up to scratch.

The Importance of Visuals and Good Photography for your Website

You see, customers are increasingly good at blocking out the noise online and certain sales or marketing tactics or techniques are no longer as effective. In other words, most people are desensitized the old way of doing things and direct mail, cold calling, email blasts etc are no longer enough to retain the attention of the reader. 

However, there are other ways to create a meaningful connection with customers and good photography can be the first step toward building this relationship. In fact, people have always done business with good photography and this will always be the case. After all, recent studies by the Content Marketing Institute have shown that more than 45% of marketers believe that visual content is the most important type of content. In other words, marketing professionals already know that video and images are the most potent influence on consumer behaviour.

And that’s just part of the story…

Did you also know that content marketing produces more than three times the amount of leads than any form of paid search advertising? Yes, content marketing can outperform any Facebook Ad and generate more sales than any paid results on Instagram, Google etc. 

But what does this mean to you?

It means that good photography is the first reason you can give a customer to stay and the best way to market whatever product, service or idea you are trying to sell. 

How to Source GOOD Photography for your Website

As you might expect, the options for sourcing good photography are pretty straightforward but putting time into this aspect of your website is certainly worth the effort. Here are the three simple ways that you can source GOOD photography for your website:

Choose Better Stock Photographs – In most cases, images are either poor quality or badly staged and this is precisely what you need to avoid. Choose high quality stock photos and ensure they look authentic or congruent with the topic/title.

Take Your Own Photographs – Instead of choosing images that might look out of place, consider taking your own photograph. True, this is the most time consuming option but learning about photography is at least a skill that you can use to save money and get GOOD photography for your website

Hire a Professional Photographer – If you have the budget, hiring a professional is the fast track solution to sourcing GOOD photography for your website. Sure, it costs money, but the reward is most often worth the investment.

Making the Right Impression with GOOD Photography

“90% of people who perform a search have yet to make up their mind about a particular brand”

–  Status Labs, 2018

The truth is, poor photography can have far-reaching consequences and even directly affect the search rankings of a website. For example, if the photography is so poor that readers click away within moments of arriving on a particular website, this increases the bounce rate (retention rate) of the website. Needless to say, this sends the wrong signal to Google and other search engines.

Moral of the story: you should make every effort to find Good photography for your website or hire a professional photographer who can take your visuals to the next level.

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